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A Bridge Home has had a rocky start. The El Pueblo project, opening in August, ballooned beyond its budget when designers added a $700,000 interior deck to compensate for its unwelcoming configuration.

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McGee noticed that wealthier kids just know they're going to college. They don't question that it's coming to them.? "Sometimes, when you're dealing with first-generation kids, they tend to wonder if they deserve it," she said. "It's hard to teach entitlement."

Most of what he finds, though, is not appropriate for a living room display. Plastics, containers, boating equipment.

Yet neither the original kill vehicle nor the CE-2 featured modular designs that would enable technicians to swiftly remove and replace suspect components. It typically takes a year or more to disassemble and restore a kill vehicle.

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Our take??Don’t feel guilty for needing your alloparents.?Embrace them.?Lean on them.?Pay them as much as you possibly can. ?Recruit them from your extended family;?relinquish control sometimes and let them lift your burden.?Ask your neighbors for help.?Be there for other moms — and offer to take care of their kids — without them having to ask.?Build your village.

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