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“It was a really interesting way to look at the organization of that space and really making these newly housed people feel that they are a part of the community they are in,” De Briere said, “as opposed to this big foreign tent that’s been blocked off and segregated from the community.”

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In a speech in 2013, Blank said most of the coast has been saved because the late, longtime Executive Director Peter Douglas was a visionary who fiercely defended the Coastal Act and stood up to developers and state officials who wanted him to be "reasonable" in finding compromise.

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"Wyoming is a boom-and-bust state, but it's not really because of energy prices," said Sid Fox, the county planning director. "It's because of our tax policy. If the state can figure that out, that might be the shining light out of this."

"There is a second video that a neighbor got. We are treating it as evidence," he said.?Keith said the investigation likely would be completed by Friday and turned over to the district attorney.

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"You're trying to figure out if you're in the right spot," Russell added. "You're trying to figure out, 'Kobe has the ball on the elbow, do you run toward him? Do you cut?' "

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“In fact, if I had a rock band, I think I would name it Sliding Doors because my obsession goes that far,” she writes. “It would be the coolest rock band in all of the land.”

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“We follow the same procedure for all cases, regardless of the severity of the crime or the notoriety of the accused,” Laws told the Tribune.

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