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As firefighters continue to battle the destructive Carr fire, some captured on video the tornado-like flaming vortexes that have swept through the area.

Kade argued that because Douglas never signed agreements or arbitration clauses related to those accounts, he should be allowed to sue.

The LAPD and the union representing rank-and-file officers were also consulted. So was Dist. Atty. Jackie Lacey, who has had harsh words for the proposal.

Cedillo last week instructed building officials to report back with better estimates on the cost of retrofitting these buildings. He also instructed housing officials to work with tenant and landlord groups to come up with recommendations on how the retrofit costs could be paid for and shared among tenants and owners.

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The fonts for Cheap Trick and Chicago and the Pegasus logo for the Steve Miller Band —?all displayed prominently throughout their performances —?are as famous as the group's songs, a sign of how the star-making machinery of the recording industry was operating at its peak in the 1970s.

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The?chauffeur worked for the LA Private Car Service but was fired after the "troubling incident," the company said in a statement that did not identify the driver.

She had long used her tourist visa to shop and visit family north of the border, but began contemplating giving it up when she and her husband watched Trump announce his candidacy with what she considered an odious attack on the character of the Mexican people.

“We’re not a medical professional and that gives us a unique way to work with clients,” she said. “We can help them advocate for themselves and make sure they’re asking their providers the right questions ― not that we’re going to disagree with the providers, but just normal patient advocacy.”

The Hulu list shares many similarities with the Amazon Prime list, so you can choose your platform for many of these, including “The Hurt Locker” and “The Elephant Man.”

Curbelo,?a Grist 50 member, is the cofounder of a group called the Climate Solutions Caucus, which has been criticized as a safe space for House Republicans?to “greenwash” their climate record without taking any real action. Thursday’s vote provided further evidence for that idea. The caucus has 43 Republican members, but only four of them voted against the anti-tax resolution.

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