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“If you look at the Mexican people — they are a humble, hard-working people,” Schaefer said. “Look at the profile of Mikey, how humble he is, how important his family is to him, his fluency in Spanish and how accessible he is … he has an opportunity to become the leading face among Latino fighters.”

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The city's housing department provided addresses of 29,226 apartment buildings constructed before 1978. Staffers then used mapping programs to narrow down which apartment buildings needed further field inspection. Officials went on-site to determine whether these remaining buildings should be included in the inventory.

"Our prior interventions in this region have done nothing to make us safer, and Syria will be no different," he said.

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In 2016 alone, pharmaceutical companies, through their political action committees and employees, contributed more than $17 million to campaigns,?according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

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The migration of desperate refugees is expected to reach 800,000 to Germany this year, or four times the number who sought asylum in the country in 2014.

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