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It never occurred to us to read up on our port of call. With our first glimpse of the whitewashed buildings set against the bluest of skies, we just assumed that Mykonos would be outstanding.

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Among the many state bills?that passed in 2015, and take effect Friday, are a number that focus on some of the state's most vulnerable students —those who are homeless, in foster care, potential victims of sexual assault and those kept out of advanced classes which hurts their ability to go to college.

Uncertainty reigns because Trump came into office riding the anger of?an electorate whose resentments he correctly assessed, rather than because Americans fully embraced his policy positions. There were in fact few of those, and mostly without details.

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Justin Clark is an urban historian. He is writing a book on the transformation of 19th century Boston. Twitter:?@Justin_T_Clark

"I feel like there is particular emphasis on trying to punish California because we are ahead of the curve," said Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-Whittier). "It's not an accident that they are very cavalier about these cuts and how it will affect California and Californians."

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Growing up, Cassidy Williams loved math and engineering. She first discovered coding in middle school when a neighbor showed her how to build a website. Williams went on to study computer programming at Iowa State University, where she won several hackathons with her software products.

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