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Trump hammered Yellen in the final months of the campaign, accusing her of keeping the benchmark rate "artificially low" to help fellow Democrats President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

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Mexico could retaliate by refusing to cooperate on security and immigration issues, opening the floodgate of Central American immigrants or balking at efforts to stop?the northward flow of drugs.

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#TheFutureIsQueer is HuffPost’s monthlong celebration of queerness, not just as an identity but as action in the world. Find all of our?Pride Month coverage here.

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After?Demi Lovato’s hospitalization due to an?apparent overdose,?friends and family members kept quiet about her condition, apart from a statement confirming that she is awake and surrounded by loved ones.?

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But our automated future does not look like digital piecework for everyone. For some workers, having robots deal with mundane tasks could free them to focus on more challenging or enjoyable duties.

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Riders, drivers or employees who have been sexually assaulted or discriminated against are free to choose the venue they want to pursue their claims against the company, wrote West, who was a top-ranking official in the Justice Department during the Obama administration and has spoken previously about the pervasiveness of sexual harassment and gender discrimination.

Uber disputes the usefulness of fingerprint checks?and has pointed out that it has made a raft of changes to tighten up safety over the past year.

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