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"Increasingly wide swings between dry and wet conditions will threaten to upset the already precarious balance between competing flood-control and water-storage imperatives in California," the researchers wrote.

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In announcing the new service, Southwest officials seemed to take shots at their competitors at the airport. Southwest noted that it doesn't charge passengers to check their first two bags, while other airlines waive the fee only for certain routes or under special circumstances.

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Times staff writer Lien reported from Emeryville and Masunaga from Los Angeles. Anderson, a special correspondent, reported from Seattle.

"Far be it from me to tell older Iranians what their view or relationship should be, but I can say that for 37 years, talking about how terrible the Iranian government is did not provide actions that would help the situation," Marashi said. "If you encourage peaceful change, then over time the type of change you would like to see becomes more likely."

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For now, the president-elect is keeping his options open, at least publicly.?In a brief comment to reporters on Capitol Hill on Thursday, he offered only one broad directive.

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What agent wouldn’t prefer to be both at once and claim the full commission instead of just half of it? And therein lies the problem: While there are some agents who work exclusively with buyers by choice, the vast majority of real estate agents represent buyers and sellers (just not at once).

Musk’s new toy, which actually looks like an Airsoft gun,?has been described as essentially a propane torch,?something like a weed-burner?already available in hardware stores. But they are shown in a promo video shooting flames?at least 2 feet.?

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