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Hader apologized after offensive tweets sent when he was a teen came to light on July 17. The next day, MLB said the 24-year-old Hader will be required to go through sensitivity training and participate in diversity and inclusion initiatives.

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"It gives your boss the right to say yes or no. Bosses love that, but if you have a new baby, it's a scary situation," said Jenya Cassidy, the director of California Work & Family Coalition, a nonprofit that has campaigned to expand benefits for new parents.

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The Coliseum, completed in 1923, is a National Historic Landmark. The last major USC renovations were made in 1995, when the school spent $6 million to upgrade the press box. The year before, the school spent $93 million to repair damages from the Northridge earthquake.

But according to research conducted by horticulturist Mark Reiger, apples were?first cultivated in the Middle East and Central Asia, their “roots” being traced to parts of Turkey and Kazakhstan. The only variety of apple native to America is the crabapple, which was deemed inconsumable by most settlers, except in the liquid form (aka cider).

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Video of the crash was released later, showing the other vehicle suddenly veering into Clooney’s lane to presumably make a turn. The impact launched him into the air.?

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NTWA secretary Biju Mathew considers the organization to be a union, even though it lacks formal union status. It was granted membership to the AFL-CIO, the American union federation, in 2015, according to NTWA’s website.?NTWA’s goal, Mathew said, is to “put the the state into the middle and force the state to create conditions akin to collective bargaining.”

(Reporting by Brendan O’Brien in Milwaukee, Peter Szekely in New York and Dan Whitcomb in Los Angeles; and additional reporting by Rich McKay in Atlanta; Editing by Elaine Hardcastle)

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