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The Times interviewed more than two dozen migrants on board the ship, the Aquarius, during the 10-day rescue mission. Their stories offer a glimpse of the chaos that Libya has become, where migrants are regularly shot in the street, kidnapped for ransom or forced into slavery.

City and county officials have launched a flurry of activity on the issue since a?countywide count showed a 12% jump over the past two years in the number of homeless people living in the city and county of Los Angeles. More than 44,000 homeless people were tallied around the county?in January, up from about 39,000 in 2013, and 26,000 were in the city.

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Ali Amiri, a retired primary school principal who now sells imported cars, said his income has dropped by more than 50% as more Iranians opt to lease domestic vehicles. Luxury car sales have all but dried up, the 60-year-old said, and some of his remaining customers have tried to cheat him.

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A jury convicted him of second-degree murder, but a judge reduced the conviction, and — despite the fact that Armstrong had disguised his identity as a police officer and set up the confrontation with a false call to police — sentenced him to a year in jail. An appeals court later reinstated the murder verdict, but allowed the one-year sentence to stand.

"My fundamental commitment is to build an equal learning and working environment for all, and the letters I have received demonstrate how Prof. Piterberg's return threatens to undermine that environment," Kang said in a statement. "We are thinking intensely and creatively about solutions."

Like in the RAND study, researchers found the gains were particularly pronounced for patients with chronic conditions.

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I needn't have worried: The Germans aren't suddenly the good guys. Martians don't land. O'Brien's approach can be compared to the kind of painting restoration that strips away varnish that was too thickly applied during past efforts.

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Many took off for South Carolina, an early voting state and the site of a conservative confab Friday. Donald Trump headed to New Hampshire, the first primary state, where he drew criticism Thursday for failing to correct a supporter who asserted President Obama is a Muslim.

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Uber suspended all of its self-driving operations after the accident, and permanently ceased testing in Arizona on Wednesday. An Uber spokesperson told HuffPost that when it resumes testing in its two remaining cities of San Francisco and Pittsburgh, it will likely be on a more limited basis.



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