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But Kevin Chargois, an engine captain from San Bernardino National Forest overseeing the back-burn, had to deal with conditions he says he honestly never encountered during regular fire seasons. For one, at 4,500 feet in December, his hoses and valves kept freezing at night. The crews had to wait for them to thaw in the morning to use.

And patients who got private health insurance after being uninsured in 2013 filled four more prescriptions, a 28% increase.

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The crash is being investigated by federal traffic safety regulators, and there have been other accidents involving Tesla's Autopilot feature, all of which have?heightened scrutiny of semi-autonomous driving technology.

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Under a 2007 settlement, the city suspended overnight enforcement of the law until 1,250 units of housing were built. Officials have said they expect to meet the settlement terms as soon as next month, which could allow authorities to clear homeless camps entirely.

Albert Sosa Medina, 47, who sells cars, said,?"When there are major disasters, we are always united, always helping each other. We are a united people in the face of this misfortune called 'Trump.'"

King belongs to an eccentric group of painters and sculptors who have spent most of a decade working at the fringes of the conventional art world.

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The poll's ability to pick up those voters, Kapteyn said, stemmed from its approach, which differs notably from the one used by most major surveys.


Trump cited the U.S. invasion of Iraq. He could have also been referring to drone strikes that have killed civilians or assassinations sponsored by the CIA.

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