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“People say, ‘You must know someone’ or ‘You must have bribed someone’ or ‘That 5% loan isn’t real,’ ” Gamal said. “But the opportunities are there. I just never take ‘no’ for an answer.”

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Last month, San Diego law enforcement agencies came together to write what they described as the nation's first countywide?policy on the release of video?recordings showing police shootings.

She concedes that many of her generation have a more romantic view of Iran than older generations, which bore the brunt of the country's inequities as well as its war with Iraq.

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The report came as a new statewide poll showed nearly half of the state's voters — 48% — described housing affordability in their area as "extremely serious."

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At the time, Puliafito was a key witness in a high-stakes legal battle between USC and the University of California over an Alzheimer's research program. USC poached the leader of the program from UC San Diego, and he brought with him hundreds of millions in grant funding.

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The largest and most threatening blaze, a 12-day-old conflagration dubbed the 416 Fire, has scorched more than 23,000 acres of drought-parched grass, brush and timber at the edge of the San Juan National Forest near the southwestern Colorado town of Durango.

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Countless unsuccessful attempts to track down the monster have been made in the years since, notably in 2003 when the BBC funded an extensive scientific search that used 600 sonar beams and satellite tracking to sweep the full length of the loch.

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