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More than 2,500 migrants and refugees have died trying to cross the Mediterranean this year, according to U.N. estimates.

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“Anxiety and fear are both adaptive and keep us safe,?but phobias elicit an emotional response that is out of proportion of the perceived threatening thing or event,” Hickner said.?

Encourage self-care. Seeing photos of a trip to the beach your friends didn’t invite you to can really sting. If your kid is super bummed or tired of digital drama, suggest they take a break from social media for a while. In fact, if they post a status update that they’re taking a break, their friends might be very accepting because they’ve had similar feelings.

This weekend, you can get another fix of the drug that is Bassett Tongue, one that will satisfy a high you probably haven’t experienced since “Black Panther” five long months ago. (Unless maybe you watch that insane show “9-1-1,” recognizing that Bassett Tongue is the healthiest narcotic available. It’s basically ASMR.)

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So far, the 2018 fire season has produced a handful of big fires in California, Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado; conflagrations in Oklahoma and Kansas; and a fire bust in Alaska, along with garden-variety wildfires from Florida to Oregon. Some of those fires are in rural areas, some are in wildlands, and a few are in exurbs.

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