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The calm inside the funeral home contrasted sharply with the scene outside, where there was tension between mourners and the hundreds of riot police officers who stood guard, carrying shields and clad in protective gear. Police standing shoulder?to?shoulder formed a barricade that blocked off one of the main entrances to the funeral home, leading to arguments with mourners.

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The concern, the union said, was that officers would second-guess themselves during dangerous encounters if they felt pressured to avoid using force because of the award.

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Sessions, the senior Republican on the Senate subcommittee responsible for missile defense, has fought moves to slow the production of the rockets and has warned repeatedly about what North Korea or Iran might do.

The explosive allegations Wednesday that Trump threatened to send soldiers to Mexico drew anger in Mexico, where many feel deeply insulted by Trump's repeated attacks.

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Every now and then, edgy theatrical docs would find broad shelf lives ― “Roger & Me” (1989), “Paris Is Burning” (1991), “Hoop Dreams” (1994), “Crumb” (1995), “Buena Vista Social Club” (1999) ― but hardly enough to galvanize the doc industry at large.?Skillful filmmakers had to hope their work would take on a second life via VHS and DVD rentals?in order to generate long-term cachet.

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