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The policy was in the works before Clark's shooting, but his death prompted the department to issue the guidance more quickly, he said.

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Chevy has the advantage of speed to market. Whereas Tesla has been notoriously bad about meeting its delivery deadlines, Chevy's Bolt is almost ready for prime time, not long after the company showed off a production version of the Bolt earlier this year.

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The woman was transported to a local hospital, where she later died, Preciado said. She has not been identified.

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The fire blackened not just the 4-year-old sports center but also, some residents fear, the reputation of this community just west of Berlin.

The Republicans caught by the Kinder-Guardians trick are defensive and embarrassed, at least for now. Being fooled by a liberal comedian makes them look gullible. But then again, they really weren’t fooled into revealing much that didn’t already exist out in the open.

“This is the frustrating bit, where Facebook clearly has never cared. I mean, it never enforced this agreement,” Kogan said. “They’ll let you know if you do anything wrong. I had a terms of service that was up there for a year and a half that said I could transfer and sell the data. Never heard a word.”

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