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Firefighters on Sunday offered their first optimistic assessment of their battle against the Carr fire, which has forced more than 38,000 residents to evacuate. Cal Fire unified incident commander Bret Gouvea said cooler temperatures and increased humidity had given firefighters a window of opportunity to attack the massive fire.

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The city is 95% Latino, and the year-old retail center is the region's first made up entirely of mainstream American businesses. The closest thing to a Latin American business at Azalea is a Chipotle.

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Under the regulations, cable and wireless companies that offer broadband service would need customer approval to share all but nonsensitive data. Consumers would have to opt out of the sharing of that information.

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Though drinking supplies had to be trucked to some rural communities, the effect in most metropolitan areas was mainly limited to people boasting about every drop they saved, tsk-tsking at wasteful neighbors.

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A number of progressive companies like Apple and Facebook?cover egg freezing for their employees. But the majority of insurance plans organizations offer to employees do not cover elective egg freezing,?according to Timothy Hickman, reproductive endocrinology and infertility division director at?Houston Methodist.

Joanna was an aspiring broadcast journalist long before her “Fixer Upper” days. She even starred in her dad’s automotive store’s commercials.

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