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Bobb said that when an officer points a weapon it is considered a use of force that is reportable, and should have been recorded by the department.

Spitz said the city called Flo-Services Inc. but that the company was unable to pinpoint the problem and later recommended that the pumps be sent to Cascade Inc., the manufacturer, for further examination.

The company already has cheaper launch vehicles and a diverse clientele that most rivals don't have, including government, commercial and military customers.

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In addition, the labor force in California over the last year has grown faster than the national average — a sign that workers feel more comfortable about their job prospects.

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One treasure hunter attempting to take a selfie along the active rail line was almost hit by a train, police spokeswoman Magdalena Koroscik told the Associated Press.

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Warren said the new effort would "leverage the new relationships we have developed on the ground, and our approach to focus on existing groups currently active" in fighting Islamic State.

Overprotective? Maybe. But once your trust in someone is so completely shattered, how do you patch enough of it together to cover some areas and not others? I believe my kids’ dad is, as a parent, loving and devoted. But I believed that about him as a husband, too, and I was wrong.

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One is a drinking game for when President Donald Trump makes his announcements. The other is a form of bingo?for when he has a nomination.?

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