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But that program is a political lightning rod for Republicans, who accused the Obama administration of giving a bailout to insurance companies.

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When Wright was transferred to the Inmate Reception Center from court, the paperwork he was sent with contained an error, Swensson said. The docket number for his contempt of court case was put in the box where his murder case should have gone, making it appear he was due to be released Saturday instead of being held without bail pending a trial, Swensson said.

The Choudhry case represents the latest allegation that UC officials failed to properly handle sexual harassment claims involving faculty. This month, students and faculty members urged UCLA?to take stronger action against history professor Gabriel Piterberg over his alleged sexual harassment of two female graduate students. University officials imposed a $3,000 fine and Piterberg was suspended for one quarter without pay.

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In welcoming the federal investigation, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said she was "willing to do what it takes to reform my department."

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And in many ways, this is what places like MeMe’s and Lil’ Deb’s Oasis are striving for ― to be a beacon of comfort and community for those who need it. The goal of a queer restaurant becomes clear: to create a culture where anybody can express their identity proudly. In the end, it’s not necessarily queerness that is at the forefront to bring about a “gay restaurant,” but rather, a new movement of pride in the service of comfort, compassion and kindness toward others.

The comedian pretended to stage a presidential intervention,?during which he told Trump that “we need you to hear some things.”

In May 2018, PETA released graphic?undercover footage?that showed serious animal cruelty against goats on 12 South African farms producing mohair. Abuse included animals being mutilated, thrown around and having their throats cut while conscious.?The outcry following the exposé led 140 retailers, including Asos, to ban mohair from their supply chains.?

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Rural areas have the highest suicide rates, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,?as well as a high concentration of veterans, who experience higher rates of suicide than nonveterans. Rates of drug overdoses?in rural areas have surpassed those in metropolitan areas.?There are also?more elderly people, who are often socially isolated and at risk for depression, said Ron Manderscheid, executive director of the National Association for Rural Mental Health.

Switzerland, a country famed for its financial sector, is holding a vote on June 10 on whether to radically revise its monetary and banking system.

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