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Rialto Police Chief Randy De Anda said he was concerned about the possibility that crime victims might decide against contacting police, even though his agency does not engage in immigration enforcement.

"We are American citizens," she said, fast and fierce. "We have as much right as all of America to have access to the resources Washington provides. ... If you are going to provide millions of dollars to stop hunger in Africa, my people are hungry. Stop hunger here."

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Despite the decision to release the recording, Beck said the department had yet to decide if it?would release video?from body cameras worn by officers in a second deadly police shooting, which took place in South L.A. on Sunday. Beck has said that the video?clearly refutes reports that some of the shots were fired when the man was on the ground. But releasing?that video, he said, could set a standard for the LAPD in terms of complying with public records requests for such recordings.

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Chang Ping, the Germany-based writer, said police detained his two brothers and pressured them to persuade Chang to stop publishing articles criticizing the Chinese government.

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Bill Davis, president of Southern California Public Radio, which runs KPCC, said that losing the $1.3 million his station gets would jeopardize 12 full-time positions at the station. It's unclear whether the station could make up that kind of income from its fundraising drives and sponsorships.

Payne's decades of theft were chronicled in a 2013 documentary called "The Life and Crimes of Doris Payne."?The Jewelers' Security Alliance, an industry trade group, sent out bulletins as early as the 1970s warning about her, according to the Associated Press.

A three-judge panel from the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco heard arguments Tuesday on the government's effort to lift the stay. The judges did not issue an immediate ruling, and Trump complained Wednesday that the legal process was taking too long.

On Thursday, seven police officers died and dozens of people were injured in a car bombing in Diyarbakir.

But before then, the Dutch would remove the top crust of the pie to grind the filling and add spices. Stankiewicz said that the open-faced pie “logically appears to be the precursor to the development of a crust that you can see the filling through, such as a lattice. When the lattice appears in the recipes, they can also call for pouring the cream through the lattice work, instead of working it into the filling at the grinding stage.”

It’s 2018,?but the?fragility of the male ego remains. And seemingly nothing shatters it like a woman who earns more than her husband.

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