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"In the 11 times since World War II that the market fell by 5% or more in August, it continued to fall in September 80% of the time, and did so an average of 4%," said Sam Stovall, U.S. equity strategist at S&P Capital IQ.

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Video of the shooting that killed Diaz Zeferino was unsealed by a federal judge Tuesday after months of legal battles between the city and media outlets, including the Los Angeles Times.

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United's initiative is part of a financial strategy that includes deferring the purchase of as many as 61 new aircraft, all aimed at adding $4.8 billion a year to its bottom line.

He stopped moving when he noticed a broken window in the rear of? the apartment he'd been trying to access.

California could therefore receive stronger storms than typical, especially between December through March, Swain recently wrote in a blog post.?And with sea temperatures particularly warm offshore, that could bring even more atmospheric moisture to fuel storm systems bound for this state.

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"We expected the Obama Administration to wage war on coal and oil as they promised," he wrote. "What is most alarming, and completely unexpected, is realizing Wyoming state officials are willing to threaten killing the creation of new business, much needed jobs, a generous amount of tax revenue and diversification of our state's energy dependent economy to wage war on renewable energy sources."

The polls, prediction markets and political experts all counted on a win for Hillary Clinton, whether they simply acknowledged?Democrats’ many paths to the White House or predicted a sweeping victory that would shift?the electoral map.

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Kendall Jones, at the University of Queensland, Australia, who led the work, said: “A well-run protected area network is essential in saving species. If we allow our protected area network to be degraded there is a no doubt biodiversity losses will be exacerbated.”

But these positive associations spanned land-locked communities as well as coastal ones. In fact, more than half of the jurisdictions with positive correlations — 13 out of 24 — were landlocked. All of these have significant water exposure in the form of lakes and drainage canals. The largest jurisdiction in the sample, unincorporated Miami-Dade County, showed the lowest, but still positive, correlation.

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