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No decision has been made on where Baca will serve his sentence. His defense attorney requested that he be assigned to a camp in Taft, Calif., or barring that, a camp in Oregon. After serving his time behind bars, Baca must also spend a year under supervised release. He was also fined $7,500.

The turnaround at the 1-million-year-old Mono Lake and its ecosystem has been particularly dramatic. Less than two years ago, it was within 2 feet of the level that state officials say threatens the alpine ecosystem at the base of the eastern Sierra Nevada. Officials worried there would be so little water that coyotes would roam on the dry lake bed and go after the large gull colony there.

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Dundon grew up in White Cone, Ariz., a high-desert community in the heart of the Navajo reservation, just south of the Hopi mesas.? She was raised traditionally, surrounded by ceremony and the Navajo creed, "Walk in beauty." "We have a saying, 'Excuse my beauty!'" Dundon said, smiling. "I say it a lot."

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“We usually use the avocado for lunch and we eat it only with salt. Maybe sometimes we can put it in ajiaco soup?― it’s a traditional dish in Colombia. But that’s all. For me, it’s really strange that people now are starting to eat it like in this way with toast,” she said.

Even if your primary care physician doesn’t ask you directly about alcohol use, how many drinks you consume in a typical week is generally listed as a question on most pre-visit patient questionnaires. Depending on your level of openness and your weekly alcohol consumption, it might be tempting to fudge the answer a bit. But should you? Does it even matter?

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So, on Friday’s broadcast of “The Late Show,” host Stephen Colbert’s team imagined a bunch of other ways in which the 92-year-old monarch could have expertly mocked POTUS during his stay.

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Durairajan said the research did not consider the heightened risk of sea level rise combined with another event, such as a major storm. Nor did it calculate the value of all the at-risk infrastructure in dollars. But Durairajan said the study makes clear the need to prepare for protecting national infrastructure during disasters in major regional hubs.

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According to the Post-Dispatch, since March, Gargac uploaded hundreds of videos of his passengers under the username “JustSmurf.” In addition to watching and listening in on the car’s conversations, viewers commented on his passengers’ appearance, rated them, and discussed their destinations in the comment section.

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